What is a course?

The term “course” on this website refers to a set of classes or a plan of study on a particular subject. It may or may not lead to an exam or qualification. It can be free or tution-based, onsite or long-distance (offline/online). It can be academic or a trade skill in nature.Basically, it is anything that requires “learning”. Only an Instructor or Administrator can create Courses on this site.

Who can post a course ?

To be able to submit courses, please apply to become an instructor first (simply click on Submit a Course and you will be prompted to register). An instructor is simply a course submitter be it a school, college, university or an individual/private tutor. A course is a generic term referring to any educational or learning material taught by an institution or an individual. It can be private tutoring of a skill, daycare learning, kindergarten course, college course, university program and the like.

Advertising your courses is a simple process:

1. Create an account. Once approved, this will enable you to view, remove, or relist your courses in the future.
2. Enter course details and a description of its content.
3. Preview and confirm your course listing so it will be live on our site.

Get started now. Post your courses on learnintimmins.com so you can attract students looking for the type of course you offer.

Privacy Statement

All account information provided to learnintimmins.com by course listers will be kept confidential.  The information will not be shared with any third parties and will only be used for its intended purpose on learnintimmins.com.  If you have any questions about your account information, please contact the learnintimmins.com site administrator at learnintimmins@timmins.ca.