13 Sep 2016

Special Education Working Smart with MS Outlook

Priority Management – Posted by Craig Jacobs


NOTE: This course listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Course Description

What you will get
• An extra hour per day in productivity – Really!!!
• More control and balance between your work and personal life
This is a one day workshop on using Outlook to apply the principles of time and workload management. You will learn how to customize the tools in Outlook to fit your personal work environment and style.
Who Should Attend
Anyone who uses Outlook for email and wants to maximize their productivity.
Participants may have already studied “Time Management” but would like to use software instead of paper to apply the techniques.
The Learning – Processes and the Tools of Outlook
1. Controlling email – email etiquette; working from an empty in-box; archiving and retrieving; automatic rules;
2. Task management – use the one stop view to ensure nothing falls through the cracks! Get rid of your multiple to-do lists, sticky notes and paper piles;
3. Scheduling – use the networked features to manage multiple calendars and meetings; meeting etiquette; integrating personal calendars;
4. Planning – annually, monthly and daily; managing multiple deadlines; controlling multiple projects; recurring tasks and appointments; personal and work goals;
5. Communications – planning, tracking, following up; integrating contacts with personal/global address books; contact management features;
6. Delegating while maintaining control; using Outlook to automatically track delegations; viewing lists of assigned tasks;
7. Dealing with interruptions – by visitors, phones, emails, etc.; dealing with the culture of crisis management;
8. Work/life balance – reducing stress; integrating Outlook with hand held computers and with paper; working from a clean desk;
9. A personal consultation 4-8 weeks after the workshop will reinforce the learning and help customize Outlook even more.
The Investment – $595 (plus HST) per person includes the training, consultation, complete learning guide (for all versions of Outlook), and discounted refreshers. Group rates are available.

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