2 Aug 2016

Corporate Training NORCAT Respiratory Protection Program & Fit Testing

NORCAT 705-269-0040 – Posted by Ken Stewart - NORCAT


Course Description

NORCAT’s Respiratory Protection Awareness program discusses the two main types of respirators, things to look for when performing an inspection, fit-testing and fit-checks, physiological and psychological limitations of wearing a respirator, types of filters and cartridges, warning properties, and respirator cleaning, disinfection and storag.e

NORCAT uses quantitative fit testing methods to meet CSA Standard Z94.4 and is therefore recognized by Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations and Vale. NORCAT’s Testing Agents are trained in the regulations pertaining to this program and are competent in selection, use and care of respirators.Fit test is approximately 10 minutes long and no appointment is necessary.

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Course Categories: Technology & Trades. Course Types: Corporate Training.

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